New Blog Order

RALEIGH, NC – Just after midnight on the eighth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, a new blog was created that will feature commentary on news, pop culture, and the minutiae of everyday life from the mind of someone going dull from unemployment and living in that dreaded, all too familiar place where the rent is free and the landlords love you unconditionally.  Put another way, this young man is in one of those crucial six month periods where he’s trying to move but isn’t sure where to and a lot is going to change whether or not he is ready (he is not ready), and instead of wasting the time between job-search binges reading endless articles or books and keeping it all to himself, he has decided to share with the world those items he picks up that really bug him; that give him hope and a new life; that make him sit up and take notice, then make him slouch back down in his chair again; that make him fussy or tired, hungry or cranky;  that make him happy and giggly, or bloated and scared.  And this is just the platform for people like him– people with just enough to say, but not enough smarts to say much more very well– and so here he shall be until December 21, 2012.


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