Conservative Calls for Coup to Solve “Obama Problem”

Via Talking Points Memo, here is the Newsmax article written by John L. Perry, the latest in the particularly venomous attacks against Obama, who has done nothing revolutionary or radical other than being black and President at the same time.  Coups are always violent and frequently the overthrown figure is killed, which is what this guy is tacitly advocating.  Just look at the lily-white staff of Newsmax; no wonder the site takes up the causes of mythological “white America”.

After you catch up on the world at Newsmax, head over to White Honor and see the best and brightest of our glorious race discuss the important, relevant, non-crazy topics of the day.  Honestly, some of the crap being peddled by “mainstream” Conservatives sounds way too much like this “news” at White Honor:

Every intelligent individual on the planet predicted Obama’s failure and traitorous actions against America’s White Working Class, and they were right. In just a few months, he has spent over $1 Trillion and is talking about all the gun rights he plans on taking away, while giving rights to illegal mexicans. Maybe all of you out there who have e-mailed me about finally being fed up with “our” government’s crooked actions will get off your butts and start becoming racial activists – spread the word.

Tea party, anyone?


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