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Tea Partiers Motivated by Race; Sun Sets in West

In a follow-up to last week’s “Obese Kids More Likely to Get Bullied,” the Scientific Community has given us this gem: “Tea Partiers Motived by Race.”

For all of us who had a hunch that all those older white people with signs thanking Fox News for being so balanced might have a problem with minorities, there is finally some data to back it up, thanks in part to Christopher Parker of the University of Washington Institute for the Study of Ethnicity, Race & Sexuality (UWISERS for short).  UWISERS says that “people who are Tea Party supporters have a higher probability —25 percent, to be exact— of being racially resentful than those who are not Tea Party supporters.”

On the campaign against Obama and his Islamo-Marxist agenda

UWISERS adds that the average Tea Partier is “just as likely to be employed, and more likely to describe their economic situation as very or fairly good.”  And here I thought the Tea Party consisted of the actual downtrodden, middle- and lower-class whites who have something to be pissed off about, like being taken for a ride by Republicans and other hypocrites who preach about family values but have flings with male prostitutes on the side, all the while blaming the country’s supposed moral decline on Democrats because they won’t allow compulsory Christian prayer in public schools.  Does this mean that people with real problems who don’t fall for empty moralizing or “us and them” gimmicks never vote with Republicans or Tea Party candidates?  I sure hope UWISERS looks into it!

In the meantime, look out for “Manga obsession linked to acute social anxiety.”


Finally: an Evangelical who Acts like a Christian

When I first discussed Obama’s inaction on gay rights last week, I had no idea that the House bill (discussed here), which finally protects gay people from hate crimes, was soon to be passed; likewise, when I discussed that House bill, I had no idea that its passage came on the eve of this weekend’s National Equality March, a march to raise awareness of the second-class treatment of homosexual citizens here in the U.S.  Obama spoke to a crowd of about 2,000 on Saturday night, expressing the usual platitudes in better-than-average language, and promised to do something about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”…whenever he gets around to it.

Today, I read something that gave me real hope: the story of an evangelical Christian who used to spew forth all your average “Christian” hate-speech when it came to homosexuality (homosexuals in particular), but who has since seen the error of his ways through a little honest self-reflection and has repented by joining the cause for equal rights for gay Americans so enthusiastically that he’s marching this weekend.  His story gives me hope in Christians, who for the most part take only a name from Christ and reject any of his humble, loving commandments in order that the tenets of faith in America can be based on feel-good, best-selling crap like The Prayer of Jabez (“I can have a McMansion and worry about accumulating wealth because an obscure figure in the Old Testament prayed for God to improve his lot and God did it!”).  Yes, these tenets can magically replace anything humanistic or difficult in the teachings of Christ and make “Christians” feel like the glaring contradictions in their own lives and the life of Jesus are excusable– a true miracle of God!  So it is with great satisfaction that I witness someone stepping out of a meaningless Joel Osteen lifestyle and into something more akin to the compassionate, non-judgmental, ever-understanding, ever-unafraid lifestyle of the guy who showed us all how to live back in the first century.  Read “A Step in Faith”:

Every person coming to Washington—whether they are religious or not—does share one faith, and that is faith in America. We can and must do better. As the progress of history has shown, Americans will prove themselves able to see beyond religion-based bigotry to the promises of equal treatment for all. Those who use religion-based bigotry to persecute and discriminate against LGBT people are on the wrong side of history, just as they were with slavery, interracial marriage, the treatment of women, and so many other issues.

Gays Finally Acknowledged as Hated Group

Congress has finally stepped up and done something pro-gay, pro-human, pro-democracy: the House passed a bill making it a federal crime to assault people based on sexual orientation, which is expected to make it through the Senate sometime later, and so the U.S. is finally admitting that people are abused, beaten, and even killed solely for being gay!  This is a baby step toward complete legal equality of gay citizens with their straight counterparts.  What’s not to like about this?  The Republicans, of course, have the answer:

“This is radical social policy that is being put on the defense authorization bill, on the backs of our soldiers, because they probably can’t pass it on its own,” House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio said.


Woe unto you, White Christian America: you are under attack!  These anti-American, anti-Christian, Communist Democrat perverts are making our blessed, freedom-loving troops (never mind that a lot of troops are gay) carry the disgusting weight of this terrible, horrible, sodomite legislation!  They are busy trying to fight for your freedom, not gay freedom!  Yea verily, this day shall live in infamy!

Rep. John Boehner

Rep. John Boehner

Remind me how it’s okay to keep denying equal protection to gay Americans.  Please tell me why being gay is wrong and deserves only intermittent civil liberties, and try not to use any ancient divine command or your own aversion to “kissing another guy (or girl)” as a solid argument.

Conservative Calls for Coup to Solve “Obama Problem”

Via Talking Points Memo, here is the Newsmax article written by John L. Perry, the latest in the particularly venomous attacks against Obama, who has done nothing revolutionary or radical other than being black and President at the same time.  Coups are always violent and frequently the overthrown figure is killed, which is what this guy is tacitly advocating.  Just look at the lily-white staff of Newsmax; no wonder the site takes up the causes of mythological “white America”.

After you catch up on the world at Newsmax, head over to White Honor and see the best and brightest of our glorious race discuss the important, relevant, non-crazy topics of the day.  Honestly, some of the crap being peddled by “mainstream” Conservatives sounds way too much like this “news” at White Honor:

Every intelligent individual on the planet predicted Obama’s failure and traitorous actions against America’s White Working Class, and they were right. In just a few months, he has spent over $1 Trillion and is talking about all the gun rights he plans on taking away, while giving rights to illegal mexicans. Maybe all of you out there who have e-mailed me about finally being fed up with “our” government’s crooked actions will get off your butts and start becoming racial activists – spread the word.

Tea party, anyone?

People Kill People Quickly and Easily with Guns

I was behind one of those vehicles that look like a van that was morphing into an SUV but stopped halfway the other day, and I saw the cutest li’l bumper sticker slapped on the back:

This bumper sticker was purchased because, “That oughtta make them panty-waist pinkos think!”  What it does is show how flawed the logic of the average gun-obsessed blackophobe really is.

Maybe it should read, “If guns kill people, shouldn’t we have as few of them around as possible?”  Of course, that’s not what they’re going for, and in fact that’s the very argument (that no one makes) that they are trying to refute with their clever last line, “Do pencils misspell words?”

The problem with this is that the gun-slinging, killing-in-self-defense-fantasizing idiots don’t understand that the people who are “against guns” are actually against giving guns to morons, violent criminals, jocko-homo frat boys, ‘roid-ragers, drunks, the seriously depressed, people hell-bent on murder, gangsters, pimps, nationalists and others for whom access to quick and easy killing should not be permitted for the sake of a safe and orderly society.  To use the “slippery-slope” argument, a conservative favorite (you’re familiar with, “If we let gays get married, then what’s to stop me from marrying a sheep?”), I could say that I want to own an atomic bomb and forty cruise missiles to protect myself and my family and you’re infringing on my Second Amendment rights if you deny me these weapons; or I could argue that children be allowed to pack heat because the Second Amendment says that this right “shall not be infringed”.  Would anyone say these are good ideas?  Very few would, and only to prove some stupid point– “YEAH, I DO THINK CHILDREN SHOULD BE ABLE TO PACK HEAT!!!  THE TREE OF LIBERTY MUST BLAH BLAH BLAH THOMAS JEFFERSON!!!”

If the slippery-slope examples seem a little unreasonable, that’s because they always are, but we can take something from the second example.  The reasons children shouldn’t be allowed to have guns are the same for the rest of the people mentioned above: they are mentally unsound; they do not understand the consequences of their actions; they act out for attention; they will try anything once; they act before they think; they love shortcuts; they live in fear and jealousy of others, especially others who look or act nothing like them; they make rash decisions; they make horrible mistakes; they think blood and death are really cool; other things like that.

Now for that tricky fortress of logic that cannot be penetrated: “Do pencils misspell words?”  No.  Pencils are not agents, either, and no one outside of an asylum has ever argued otherwise, but pencils are one of the quickest, easiest ways to misspell a word.  If I want to misspell something then, damn it, give me a pencil!

The real problem is that certain people want to be able to do whatever they want to do all the time since they are otherwise law-abiding and would never hurt anyone, but don’t think how under Equal Protection they are granting these rights to everyone, even the ones who have or will hurt someone.  You cannot possibly know if someone is going to use a gun to kill, but you can prevent needless death by preventing some guns from ever being sold, putting tight restrictions on who can get the ones that are available, and seeing to it that the ones who have proven themselves childish, abusive, short-fused, mentally unsound, or otherwise problematic never get to hold a firearm.

And for all the raving about owning whatever guns you want being a Second Amendment right– who cares?  There is an Elastic Clause, afterall, that says we can amend anything we want to amend in the Constitution, including the Amendments themselves.  I am one of those who would like a new interpretation or a complete overhaul of the language of the Second Amendment so that it cannot be used for gun-crazy lunatics who claim they love America more than I do because, “I SUPPORT ALL THE AMENDMENTS BUT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH OUR FREEDOMS!”  So I guess you wouldn’t have wanted to repeal those Prohibition laws, Ricky Junior?

Porn Makes You Gay?

Here’s the conservative moron story of the hour, followed by my own brand of moron-

At a Value Voters Summit over the weekend (expectations are already through the floor), the chief of staff for Tom Coburn, Republican senator from Oklahoma, tells the crowd exactly what they want to hear:

All pornography is homosexual pornography because all pornography turns your sexual drive inwards.  And if you tell an 11-year-old boy about that, do you think he’s going to want to get a copy of Playboy?  I’m pretty sure he’ll lose interest. That’s the last thing he wants!

Is he really talking about masturbation?  That’s the logical conclusion of watching porn– I say “watching” because there’s no modern 11-year-old boy that would consume printed pornography when there are terabytes available for free viewing online– otherwise, the boy was just a disinterested observer of the very pictures or videos that he sought out in his passion.  So let’s assume when he says “pornography” he really means “masturbation”.  Let’s fix his statement:

All [masturbation] is homosexual [masturbation] because all [masturbation] turns your sexual drive inwards.  And if you tell an 11-year-old boy about that, do you think he’s going to want to [download that gig of Girls Gone Wild]?  I’m pretty sure he’ll lose interest. That’s the last thing he wants!

Okay, that sounds better already.  Next is the problematic “turns your sexual drive inwards”.  The only sexual drive you can have in inside your body, so surely he meant something else.  Maybe he means that when you masturbate, it makes you want to have sex with yourself, and everyone knows that you are of the same sex that you are, so that means you’re gay!  The problem with this, which is the only evidence he tries to give, is that the point of masturbation is to project yourself into a sexual situation where you are satisfied not by yourself (unless you’re John Edwards), but by the woman, midget tranny, or– and here’s where it can get pretty gay– man in the picture or video or daydream, whatever; no one is closing his eyes and fantasizing about being in his own room alone, masturbating quietly so the parents don’t hear.  So we can replace the strange “turns your sexual drive inwards” and get rid of the unprofessional second person perspective with “places one in a remote sexual fantasy”.  Then there’s the trouble with saying “masturbation” three times in one sentence, so we’ll get rid of a couple.  Now let’s see what we’ve got:

All [masturbation] is homosexual because [it] [places one in a remote sexual fantasy].  And if you tell an 11-year-old boy about that, do you think he’s going to want to [download that gig of Girls Gone Wild]?  I’m pretty sure he’ll lose interest. That’s the last thing he wants!

Some self-respecting playthings

Some self-respecting playthings

Maybe “all masturbation” could use a little tweaking to make it focus on the real beneficiaries of compassionate conservatism: the people.  Let’s replace it with “all those who masturbate,” which in turn can be changed to “nearly everyone”.  The chief of staff is “pretty sure” the 11-year-old boy he tries to help will lose interest, but he’s not absolutely sure.  The “last thing he wants” is still something he wants, so let’s make that correction, too.  And let’s replace “homosexual” with “masturbates” because those are synonymous to the good Chief of Staff.  Get rid of all the brackets, change the “do” to “don’t” to fit the tone of the question, and what have we got?

Nearly everyone masturbates because it places one into a remote sexual fantasy.  And if you tell an 11-year-old boy about that, don’t you think he’s going to want to download that gig of Girls Gone Wild?  I’m not absolutely sure he’ll lose interest. That’s something he wants!

There is something I generally agree with, which just ends up being an observation.  The question remains whether 11-year-old boys, or anyone for that matter, should be watching Girls Gone Wild.  I don’t think so; not because it would make little Johnny homosexual (God forbid!), but because it objectifies women and sets Johnny up for a harmful attitude toward girls he will like and women he will work with in his adult life.  I believe masturbation is healthy but pornography is more or less harmful for the expectations it makes men put on themselves and on the women that they should respect.  When most of the females in Johnny’s head are naked playthings to be used and abused for Johnny’s pleasure, he will consider the women he finds unattractive to be useless, and the women he finds attractive to be useful only to the extent that they can provide that pleasure.  With that mindset, Johnny is really missing out on the contributions of over half of the population of the world.

So what is Johnny or anyone to do if he can’t look at pornography?  A good rule: make every sexual experience your own.  That means using your own imagination– and sure, that mind will probably be full of real, live girls that you know or have seen in real life– not a cold video of distant strangers; it means seeking out girls who don’t just appeal to you sexually, but girls that you can talk to and love so that if you ever have a sexual concern, discussing it won’t be such a big deal; and just being concerned with yourself, your partner, and the expectations of both, untainted by the images and messed up priorities of the industry that only wants to sell you other people’s sexual encounters.  Make sex as warm, intimate, and realistic as possible.

There is Another Rob Who is Always Right

Other Rob, smarter Rob

Other, smarter Rob

That’s right– if you can’t get en0ugh of The Robs that Know Everything, there is this guy, Rob Schofield, from NC Policy Watch.  It may seem strange that I’m writing a spotlight, but let me explain.

Mr. Schofield is a person that I have actually met who is active in local politics, and someone who I always agree with.  I met him in the sacred halls of the Legislative Office Building in downtown Raleigh during my internship with the NC Coalition for Lobbying Reform in summer 2006.  Details of the meeting are described here in my livejournal, written after the first day of that internship.  At the end of the summer, my supervisors let each intern pick two local political players to meet with one-on-one so that we could get a better sense of what they do and how they got there, and all of that.  Rob Schofield was one of my two picks and I was glad to find him, albeit by accident, in recent months because of his prolific, tenacious fight for progressive causes in North Carolina politics.*

He keeps a column at NC Progressive Pulse called Radical Right Reality Check, and his latest entry, from Friday, hits on the hypocrisy of “family values” conservatives in general, and NC Family Policy Council specifically.  To demonstrate that Mr. Schofield has his finger on this progressive’s pulse, this entry came just a week after my status on Facebook that read,

“Family values” is right wing code for “get the gays”, just as “tough on crime” is their code for “get the blacks and Hispanics.”

In the article, which you should read, he calls out the NC Family Policy Council for expanding their concerns beyond their own mission statement in order to cover any and all conservative policies; this time around, they cover the economy and complain about the “Death Tax”, which Schofield points out “is the far right’s approved propaganda term for the federal estate tax [which] is, in reality, a modest tax on a very small group of rich people.”  And all of this crap from North Carolina’s fatheaded, piggish “family values” con men comes on the heels of the disgusting sex scandal involving Mike Duvall, a California Republican who also secured power and deceived constituents by running on the bogus “family values” platform.

I promise: these fan pages won’t become commonplace.  I only thought of Rob Schofield because I was just finishing my “Missed Connections” post to him on craigslist.  How tall should I say I am?  Should I include a pic?

*I was glad to see that the other guy I met with at the end of my internship back in 2006, David Mills of the Common Sense Foundation, who I figured had retired or died, is still alive and fighting the good fight.

They Make It Easy

This blog did not set out to be a daily thermometer for the insanity and hypocrisy of the Right, but when you have a slew of well-cited articles coming out every single day that are centered on that insanity and hypocrisy, it’s very tempting just to pick one of the better ones and highlight it.

Today’s piece comes from the liberal (read: dead center) and deals with the subject of ACORN and all the bashing it has received from conservatives (read: fringe-Right loonies) and Democrats alike, who recently voted to drop all funding for ACORN in a nearly unanimous decision (seven Democrats out of the entire Senate opposed).  All of this and the bailout in the spring of the very ones causing the economic crisis show that Congressional priorities are way out of whack, and those messed up priorities always have a little pool of weasels they can count on to support them unanimously every time: conservative Republicans.

A highlight form the article:

The poorer and weaker one is, the more one is demonized in right-wing mythology as all-powerful recipients of ill-gotten gains; conversely, the stronger and more powerful one is, the more one is depicted as an oppressed and put-upon victim.

ACORN protest sign

And it makes you wonder: How can anyone who claims to be a Christian (which nearly all conservatives do) reconcile vilifying the poor and worshiping the greedy given the tenets of their faith?  This will never be answered, other than to say that self-identified conservative Christians are really leading Satanic lifestyles.

Republicans Fear Helping Blacks, Sun Rises In East

Alignment: Right

Alignment: Right

I’m not saying this is news, but it’s nice when a single, well-written article condenses it into something short enough for the afflicted to read.  But if it still isn’t short enough, just tell them your ultra-liberal friend said this:

From the beginning, attempts to create a universal welfare state in the U.S. have been thwarted by the fears of voters that they will be taxed to subsidize other Americans who are unlike them in race or ethnicity or culture.

Conservatives Fear Fringe Takeover; I Fear Corporate Takeover

From the Fox-sponsored Tea Party

From The L.A. Times:

Reporting from Washington – Amid a rebirth of conservative activism that could help Republicans win elections next year, some party insiders now fear that extreme rhetoric and conspiracy theories coming from the angry reaches of the conservative base are undermining the GOP’s broader credibility and casting it as the party of the paranoid.

I am very pleased that the Republican Party is in turmoil right now, and I hope eventually the entire party will be relegated to “fringe” status by the voting public.  But all is not well– there’s a troubling story for me over at The Economist:

The Supreme Court is, to all appearances, preparing to scrap 100 years of its own precedents and throw out the laws that have, since 1907 and 1947, barred corporations from direct contributions and spending in federal elections.

Just great.  And the fact that some people are angrily in favor of the bullshit that allows corporations the same free speech rights afforded to real, individual human beings makes me feel sick (more about those freaks in the first half of this entry).  That some people cannot see that multimillionaires have infinitely more “free speech” than the average citizen is maddening.  I really want to sneak up behind these idiots and yell into their ears from an inch away at the top of my lungs, “STOP VOTING AGAINST YOUR INTERESTS AND THE INTERESTS OF THE REST OF THE PUBLIC, YOU DELUSIONAL KNOW-NOTHING CONSERVATIVE PRICK!!!”  These lowlifes operate as though they were the elite fat cats who benefit from all this pro-corporate crap, and there is no reason for their behavior other than watching FOX News and believing that there is such a thing as “White America” and that they are part of it and that it is being threatened by anyone other than the rich and powerful.  I really like some of the comments on the article, including this one:

Can you explain how individual US citizen rights are diminished in any way by preventing fictitious legal entities that are aggregations of said US citizens (plus foreign citizens and other fictitious legal entities both domestic and foreign) from influencing the outcome of elections?

It seems to me that individual US citizens can exercise their freedom of speech without any infringement whatsoever without giving additional free speech “rights” to fictitious legal entities whose sole raison de etre is to maximize profits (NOT look after the well being of citizens or the country)

Does anyone know if the founding fathers intended for fictitious legal entities to share the rights of actual human citizens?

And it’s getting old spelling out the obvious, but I feel like part of the problem if I never say anything, and I feel like most people aren’t even aware of the obvious, or it’s too far-fetched sounding to be credible; you know that lazy, root-of-all-American-problems kind of sentiment: “If I can’t see charts with graphics or pictures of shady men shaking hands with suitcases full of money in a back-alley deal behind the Capitol, then there’s nothing I can do or even want to do to believe it, much less change it!”

The overwhelming majority of people don’t care to be active in this democracy, including the fat cats.  The difference?  The fat cats can throw money at something and the rest of the barely-interested only care about what’s for dinner and can you believe what Kanye did to Taylor Swift?!?