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Prune Juice

Hello again, league of fans.  I’ve decided to revive this blog once again just so I can talk about a new love in my life.  It cannot hold a conversation, it isn’t pretty, and it barely tastes good, but it’s making me feel a whole lot better.  It’s prune juice, and I’m a living testament to its awesome power.  Just eight ounces a day will turn your lower intestine into a well-oiled machine– forget Jiffy Lube!  I’ve shed a few pounds in the past couple weeks and I think most of the credit goes to this miracle juice (how do they get juice out of a dried plum?).  Try it.

three prunes

In other news, boycott Arizona.  That means no Diamondbacks games, no Arizona Tea, and a big celebration for the Phoenix Coyotes’ game 7 loss to Detroit in the NHL playoffs.  Take that, racial profiling police-state assholes!

Also, I’ve come to realize that I don’t believe anyone is evil, not even Bin Laden or Dick Cheney.  Does that mean I don’t think anyone is actually good, either?  No, because Jonathan Mattox exists.  Oh well.

And thus begins the new Slapdash Period for the Examiner.  Tell your friends!


Parents Want Resegregation– Let’s Give it to ‘Em!

Raleigh, NC– In a major victory for Cary moms and users Gia, LTKilling, and ProjectLily on, the Board of Education in Wake County, where I spent every one of my K-12 years, voted 5-4 to scrap the policy that in effect ended segregation of schools in the area.  That’s right, the mommies turned out in record numbers to prove that what’s more important than white kids ever interacting with black kids as equals is the driving distance required to achieve it– never mind that by and large, it’s the black kids who ride from the city center to the suburbs to be with the white kids rather than the other way around.  Finally, the rush to the suburbs to get away from you-know-who is complete!

The perfect compromise!

Proponents of change in this case are in effect resegregationists, and the troubling thing is that they know it.  I think it’s fine to want your kid to be able to walk or bike to school, that makes sense to me.  What doesn’t make sense is that you would be OK with returning to complete resegregation of Wake County (and probably the rest of the state and the rest of the south by proxy) into resource-rich white schools and depressed black schools.  And each mommy pleading for change in Cary knows exactly what will happen, but can sleep at night because she only has to have a tiny little slice of perspective on the situation– she just wants her son to be able to bike to school, is that so racist!?

From the Low-Crime Capital of the South comes the Cary News with this insightful article.  In it, the mayor from Apex (New Cary) says,

We have the best schools in Wake County because we have the best teachers, not because of the policies or diversity goals of social engineers.

Wow, she even said “social”, as in “socialist”, as in Obama and his Chicago Socialist Party criminal underground!  What a woman!  I just wish she had mentioned that Wake County is also one of the richest counties in North Carolina and attracts the best teachers because it has thousands more people moving into it than, say, Bertie County each year, and that the same thing that gives Wake County such great schools by comparison to other counties is the same thing that helps Daniels Middle School against Carnage– resources.  Also, she forgot to mention that Wake County has been such a great place to live, work and go to school even with the dreaded diversity policy for all these years.  Maybe it’s better to go by the way of Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools:

At Beverly Woods Elementary, just north of the Quail Hollow Country Club that hosts a namesake PGA Tour event, 79 percent of the students are white. A few miles up the road, at Montclaire Elementary, only 4 percent of the students — just 19 out of 450 — are white. (AP)

Doesn’t that amount to segregated schools all over again?  Even if it’s not all one person’s doing, and even if it is an effect of the sensible desire to have your kid walk to school rather than ride a bus, it isn’t worth it.  Without this policy, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, just like with everything else.  We’ve got country clubs, volunteer organizations, churches, the Y, Masonic temples– plenty of places to hide from each other– can’t we be together as children for 6 hours a day, 180 days per year?  Won’t at least some good come from poor black kids seeing that not all whites are bigots, landlords, klansmen or Junior Leaguers?  Won’t some good come from white kids seeing black kids as worthy classmates, friends and colleagues rather than aspiring gangsters, entertainers, and career service-industry workers?  Can’t the upper and middle classes see that a good education is the best investment your property taxes could ever make?  Can’t the upper and middle classes care about something other than convenience for a change?  And if not, why not?  I have a bad feeling Gia sums it up best for the loudest of the anti-busing crowd:

We don’t have busing here in the east but they should, bus whites back to white schools that are paid for by whites. Taxes from surburbia go to inner cities to support non-tax paying leeches. In lieu of “busing” affordable housing, a/k/a public housing buildings placed by the government, run by the government, paid by….yours truly is plopped smack in the middle of Main Street America, so a nice neighborhood turns into a crime riddled ghetto and property values plummet…but hey, the criminal bums all vote for democrats (lower case “d” because they are worthless pieces of shit) and when the census is counted guess which neighborhoods get all da monies?

Obama Wins Nobel Peaceful Promises Prize

President Obama awoke this morning to the news that he had won the Nobel Peace Prize and, just like everybody else, he was surprised and didn’t feel like he deserved to be among the likes of other winners in years past.  He did a good job putting it into perspective, and since rejecting the award was not an option, I think he handled his new blessing/curse very well.  Here’s what he had to say:

This piece from Joe Klein says what I want to say far better than I ever could:

Well, I’m as relieved as anybody that the Bushian gunslingers have been given the gate and, as regular readers know, I’m a big fan of patient, rigorous diplomacy–and there’s a certain lovely irony to any prize that brings the Taliban and the neoconservative Commentary crowd together in high dudgeon–but let’s face it: this prize is premature to the point of ridiculousness. It continues a pattern that holds some peril for Obama: he is celebrated for who he is not, and for who he might potentially be, rather than for what he has actually done. If he doesn’t provide results that justify the award, this Nobel will prove a millstone come election time.

There are two bad things about this: 1) Obama won out over people like Greg Mortenson, who has committed his life to setting up schools for women in places hostile to outsiders, women, and education alike; 2) this admittedly undeserved award will work to delegitimize any praise Obama receives, earned or otherwise, from here on.