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Prune Juice

Hello again, league of fans.  I’ve decided to revive this blog once again just so I can talk about a new love in my life.  It cannot hold a conversation, it isn’t pretty, and it barely tastes good, but it’s making me feel a whole lot better.  It’s prune juice, and I’m a living testament to its awesome power.  Just eight ounces a day will turn your lower intestine into a well-oiled machine– forget Jiffy Lube!  I’ve shed a few pounds in the past couple weeks and I think most of the credit goes to this miracle juice (how do they get juice out of a dried plum?).  Try it.

three prunes

In other news, boycott Arizona.  That means no Diamondbacks games, no Arizona Tea, and a big celebration for the Phoenix Coyotes’ game 7 loss to Detroit in the NHL playoffs.  Take that, racial profiling police-state assholes!

Also, I’ve come to realize that I don’t believe anyone is evil, not even Bin Laden or Dick Cheney.  Does that mean I don’t think anyone is actually good, either?  No, because Jonathan Mattox exists.  Oh well.

And thus begins the new Slapdash Period for the Examiner.  Tell your friends!