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There is Another Rob Who is Always Right

Other Rob, smarter Rob

Other, smarter Rob

That’s right– if you can’t get en0ugh of The Robs that Know Everything, there is this guy, Rob Schofield, from NC Policy Watch.  It may seem strange that I’m writing a spotlight, but let me explain.

Mr. Schofield is a person that I have actually met who is active in local politics, and someone who I always agree with.  I met him in the sacred halls of the Legislative Office Building in downtown Raleigh during my internship with the NC Coalition for Lobbying Reform in summer 2006.  Details of the meeting are described here in my livejournal, written after the first day of that internship.  At the end of the summer, my supervisors let each intern pick two local political players to meet with one-on-one so that we could get a better sense of what they do and how they got there, and all of that.  Rob Schofield was one of my two picks and I was glad to find him, albeit by accident, in recent months because of his prolific, tenacious fight for progressive causes in North Carolina politics.*

He keeps a column at NC Progressive Pulse called Radical Right Reality Check, and his latest entry, from Friday, hits on the hypocrisy of “family values” conservatives in general, and NC Family Policy Council specifically.  To demonstrate that Mr. Schofield has his finger on this progressive’s pulse, this entry came just a week after my status on Facebook that read,

“Family values” is right wing code for “get the gays”, just as “tough on crime” is their code for “get the blacks and Hispanics.”

In the article, which you should read, he calls out the NC Family Policy Council for expanding their concerns beyond their own mission statement in order to cover any and all conservative policies; this time around, they cover the economy and complain about the “Death Tax”, which Schofield points out “is the far right’s approved propaganda term for the federal estate tax [which] is, in reality, a modest tax on a very small group of rich people.”  And all of this crap from North Carolina’s fatheaded, piggish “family values” con men comes on the heels of the disgusting sex scandal involving Mike Duvall, a California Republican who also secured power and deceived constituents by running on the bogus “family values” platform.

I promise: these fan pages won’t become commonplace.  I only thought of Rob Schofield because I was just finishing my “Missed Connections” post to him on craigslist.  How tall should I say I am?  Should I include a pic?

*I was glad to see that the other guy I met with at the end of my internship back in 2006, David Mills of the Common Sense Foundation, who I figured had retired or died, is still alive and fighting the good fight.